Sight N Sound Design Inc. is a leading audio visual consulting, design build and project management group with it’s head office in Richmond Hill, Ontario. We are experienced in interfacing with architects, interior designers, electrical and mechanical design teams across Canada, USA, Mexico, Bermuda & the UK. We have extensive courtroom experience in addition to our 30 years of corporate audio visual systems design and implementation, having designed audio visual presentation, voice lift & recording systems in over four hundred courtrooms in Canada.

the starting point

An understanding of the expectation
  •  Our designs include detailed audio visual system drawings and clear and concise specifications.
  •  Our designs focus on saving the client, general contractor and subcontractors costs because our designs cover important information of who does what, detailed integration requirements for the walls, floors, ceiling, millwork, furniture items and electrical low voltage conduits.
  •  We provide design information to a level that exceeds the competition and addresses many items that the competition doesn’t provide.
  •  Our systems are designed by a team who has a deep technical understanding of how an audio visual system really works and what room elements need to be addressed in the development of the design by the whole project team.
  •  We are experienced in participating as key audio visual design build consultants in major P3 projects using the DBFM model.

Where the difference becomes clear

Bringing the expectations to life
  • In this fast paced world we see many system installations that look like the technician just ran in the room and plugged everything in, today’s technology demands more than this.
  •  Our installations make upgrading, updating fast and easy while still retaining the original installation quality, install with the future in mind!
  •  We provide full commissioning and system end-to-end performance services accompanied by detailed testing reports.
  • We complete our projects on budget and on time. Our price is our price, if you haven’t made any change, you can reset assured that the pricing wont change either.
  • Our end-user training is designed with the novice in-mind. You can always read the manual yourself, we fill in the gaps so everybody has a clear understanding of how to use their new audio visual system.

Stuff Happens

It’s technology isn’t it?
  •  Our technicians are equipped with state of the art professional test equipment to diagnose the problem correctly the first time.
  • We track all our clients system and look for common faults, if we find something happening on another site we’ll rectify yours before it happens.
  •  We work with our manufacturers at an engineering level, if we find bugs in their equipment we escalate and help get them resolved.
  •  We approach our service work in an engineering systemic way to get to the bottom of a problem.
  •  We can provide simple pay-as-you-go service or detailed response driven service contracts to ensure your system is running just as well as the day it was installed.
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