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We pride ourselves on our personal professional consulting, design, management, installation, commissioning and training services. We design audio visual systems that provide the highest quality in boardrooms, meeting rooms, courtrooms, council chambers, training centres, auditoriums & teaching institutions.

We provide full commissioning and end to end performance testing of simple and complex audio visual systems. We are committed to providing innovative audio visual solutions while adhering to the highest standards of integrity and quality.

For projects of a larger scale we also offer our engineering management service, read more about that here.

A good audio visual design does not start with a shopping list of the most expensive audio visual equipment rather it starts its life from a clear understanding of the clients requirements which develop into the requirements of the system’s end-to-end performance. During the system design development period, base building components are taken into consideration because room acoustics, lighting, HVAC, room finishing materials, furniture and the volume of the area to be equipped with and audio visual system all play an important part in the final design solution. We are experienced in developing the right solution within the client budget. If we think your budget doesn’t equal your wish list, we’ll help you narrow that list down and work to bring an audio visual system online within budget.

An audio visual system is only as good as the sum of its parts. A well designed system relies not only on the quality and suitability of its components, but the intangible qualities of installation, system programming, commissioning, testing and most importantly end user training and continued support. These elements are something that we understand and can provide better than anyone else.

In today’s world much of the capabilities and performance of an audio visual system is driven by hardware in combination with firmware and user programming instruction set in the form of system software. A key component to our maintenance programs is the yearly re-commissioning of the entire system with end-to-end performance testing using the same professional test equipment that was used at the initial system commissioning. It wouldn’t be the first time a large corporation was surprised when we attended a problem site not built by us and carried out a system end-to-end performance test of the room and voice system before attempting any system repairs or upgrades. Tapping the microphone and performing the famous “Check…Check” simply doesn’t cut it in today’s world. Have you ever seen a “Check…Check” testing report included in any manufacturers data sheets?

As part of our efforts to provide a truly unique audio visual solution for your boardroom we manufacture an audio visual presentation wall system. This is a custom designed wall system manufactured from steel and clad with your choice of wood and finishes. The wall can be customized to provide multiple displays, rear projection or large format LCD displays. It’s a pneumatically driven so no concern over hydraulic fluids or noise.

We’ve won several awards and we hold both the Canadian and USA patents for the product and it’s manufactured locally.

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