Engineering Management

Sight N Sound Design offers full design, build and maintenance audio visual system services. Keeping the responsibility of project quality, performance and day to day operation where it belongs with the designer and builder of the system.

Audio Visual System integration and procurement has changed in recent years, now considered very much a commodity which can be implemented thru a plug and play approach. Audio Visual requirements often being specified by a number of multi discipline design and electrical consulting firms, then tendered with the construction package. All to often to the clients determent the only consideration in the selection process is the price. The lowest price wins the audio visual system contract which often never seems to meet the clients exceptions or their requirements.

So where does this place SNS, a highly experienced audio visual consulting design build firm?

One thing has not changed a demanding audio visual system demands knowledge and experience for successful deployment in client facilities. SNS has a long history in designing and deploying demanding high profile bespoke audio visual solutions. A properly designed and engineered audio visual system touches all elements of the space in which it is to be deployed, Acoustics, Lighting, Heating and Cooling, Room finishes, Sight Lines and the Ergonomics of the Furniture itself need to be taken into account in the final audio visual design solution. Complex bespoke audio visual systems require the audio visual system designer to be an integrated part of the design and construction team. The proper selection of which make and model piece of equipment should be used in a bespoke audio visual system requires hands on engineering product knowledge. It also requires that the firm carrying out the selection has the in house capability to electronically test the end to end performance. In today’s ever increasingly complex set up, programming and commissioning requirements this need for this experience and knowledge has never been greater. SNS thru its design build management contracts offers the project this much need and hard to find knowledge and experience.

The engineering management contract is simple to set up. SNS after a client discovery meeting with the right parties in your firm will produce a working budget this budget can then be fined tuned in accordance with your requirements. SNS will provide a fee for its design, installation, programming and commissioning services with an agreed fixed percentage mark up for the equipment and hardware. SNS in this phase will also clearly identify work that is required by other trades such as electrical. Once a working budget is established and agreed SNS will invoice for a deposit. Over Seas projects will be billed for all the equipment prior to final shipment to the project site. As the project proceeds SNS will progress bill but its billings will never exceed the value of work completed. The last ten percent will be left until substantial completion of the project.

At the end of the project the client will be provided with a project as built costing summary.

For your next important audio visual system implementation SNS will guarantee a successful outcome.

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